Horizon Zero Dawn on The GameBoy Isn’t a Bad Idea at All

If you’ve been curious about what Horizon Zero Dawn might have looked like if it came out over twenty years ago, you can now look it up with a Fakes Forge product that shows off the game as it would have looked on the original Game Boy system.

While the GameBoy doesn’t have anywhere close to the processing power that would be required to make a complete game like Horizon, it still makes the game look interesting as a side-scroller title.

All the same there may be something lost in the transition comparing the green-shaded Game Boy to the vibrant colors of current systems.

Fakes Forge often makes fictional, vintage versions of various popular games, and it seems like Horizon Zero Dawn is only the latest that they’ve done. Other games include Red Dead Redemption 5 (if only), The Witcher 3: Andromeda, Ghost Raccoon: Wildlands, Mass Effect 1 (apparently taking the Ryders back to the First World War), and more.

While it’s likely that a lot of these games will never be made, seeing Fakes Forge come up with ideas like this are certainly good for either a laugh, or a sort of game that makes you think of how awesome that would be to play, is a nice diversion.

It would also give people the opportunity to actually think about what the games that Fakes Forge come up with would actually play like. For instance, while the Game Boy version of Horizon Zero Dawn looks like it would be a side-scroller, how would it play?

Would Aloy still be able to switch arrows? Would she be able to ride and climb various machines? What abilities would she keep, and which ones would be too hard to replicate on a GameBoy? Either way, while we may not know, it does make you wonder a good bit.