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Dreadnova Darius Will Be Exclusive to League of Legends Hextech Crafting

A couple of surprises awaited the League of Legends community when Riot Games updated the Public Beta Environment (PBE) last night.

Dreadnova Darius is a new loot-exclusive skin in League of Legends, meaning that it cannot be purchased by the community through either IP (in-game currency) or RP (real-world currency). Similar to Hextech Annie and Soulstealer Vayne, Dreadnova Darius will remain exclusive to the game’s Hextech Crafting system.

As a merciless general, Dreadnova Darius, will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Keep out of his way, or get dunked!

There are only two ways through which to get hold of the new wardrobe option for the merciless general. You can either amass ten Gemstones in order to craft the skin or place your luck in the game’s RNG mechanics and hope that it drops as a skin shard. As such, Dreadnova Darius will be one of the more rare skins found in League of Legends.

Dreadnova Darius features an all-new model and textures, donning a “galactic warrior armor” that comes with jet packs. Alongside new special effects and animations, Darius carries a cumbersome chainsaw-powered axe that shred targets into ribbons.

Dreadnova Darius will remain on the PBE for further testing and will probably release for League of Legends with Patch 7.7. That being said, there is little excitement in knowing when he will be made available. It’s not like anyone is going to get hold of him anytime soon, unless there is someone out there who is already sitting on ten Gemstones.

Besides Dreadnova Darius, last night’s PBE update gave us our first look at God Fist Lee Sin. The new legendary skin covers the Blind Monk with shiny gold divine markings that are imbued with sheer god-like power. His epithet needs a change as well as Lee Sin has managed to open his third eye, relinquishing the need of any covering for his eyes.