Daymare: 1998 Gets a Green Signal, The 90’s Horror Game Continues Development

Invader Studio announced today that Daymare: 1998 has found success on Steam Greenlight and they will continue development even after the cancellation of the Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign for Daymare: 1998 took place last month. However, it seems the Kickstarter goals were a little too high for the company, as the project fell short of its $190,199.00 goal. If the crowdfunding had been successful, the team expected to launch the title on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Having somehow managed to make it on Steam Greenlight, developer had this to say to the community:

We wanted to share the great news with you all. Thanks to the passion of our supporters, Valve has announced that Daymare: 1998 is successfully greenlit.

The developer went on to say in case there was anyone out there who was worried about Daymare‘s future should know that, studio will continue to make Daymare: 1998 and will be back soon with more news. He shared his excitement saying:

We are all very excited by this news at Invader Studios. We did not imagine that we would be greenlit this quick and we are grateful to your support.

Invader Studios began as a small group of fans with a common interest which was remaking one of the most iconic survival horror game Resident Evil 2. However, Capcom requested that the project should come to an end.

From there, the team decided to take what it had learned from the experience and develop an entirely new game. That game in its entirety is – Daymare: 1998.

When Invasion Studio was asked about the inspiration behind Daymare: 1998 the studio replied:

the mood, the atmosphere and also that sort of realism that permeates the plot, the characters and also the settings. The most important third person survival horror games were released during the 90’s, now more of the horror games in third person are shooter or action.

Let’s hope, Daymare: 1998 doesn’t get stuck in the development limbo, like many other enthusiastic projects when it comes to videos. What are your thoughts on the project?