AMD Zen-based 4 Core, 8 Thread Raven Ridge APU Benchmarks Leaked

We recently talked about the Raven Ridge APU that will be coming out for the mobile platform later this year and for desktop in 2018. It seems that Raven Ridge APU  related benchmarks have been leaked by a Chinese CPU maker that is hoping to enter the market some time soon.

The interesting thing is that this new enterent, Zhaoxin, is looking to compete against Intel and AMD.

This might not be the ideal time for a new comer to enter the CPU market as AMD is making a comeback with the AMD Ryzen series CPUs and the company means serious business from what we have seen so far.

Still, this could be very interesting as AMD and Intel have been the major players in the CPU market for as long as I can remember and additional competition will help consumers a lot. Raven Ridge benchmarks were published by Zhaoxin accidentally and it is interesting to see that the companies own CPU are very capable. Something to look forward to in the future.

The following is a Fritz Chess benchmark and Raven Ridge performs just like what we expect from a Zen based quad core APU. It is interesting to note that even though the APU has 8 threads, the performance is still parallel to that of an Intel Skylake i5.

Raven Ridge

The benchmark shows that the Raven Ridge APU manages to score 11000, the i5 6600 scored 11333. The i5 7500 managed a score of 14000. This is impressive performance but we might be able to see even better performance when the APU comes out.

It will be interesting to see how this upcoming APU will perform for both mobile and desktop platforms.

I am more interested in seeing how well the products of this new entrant will be able to compete against Intel and AMD and what kind of motherboards their CPUs will need.

Let us know what you think about AMD Raven Ridge and Zhaoxin.