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Shadow of War Has Microtransactions Based on Steam Listing

Shadow of War is the next installment in the Middle-earth series and it took us by surprise when leaks came out regarding the game and then the developers decided to announce the game officially.

Now that we know that the game exists and that it will be coming out in August this year, taking a closer look at the steam page of the game hints that there could be microtransactions in Shadow of War.

Even though the Shadow of War Steam page shows there will be in-app purchases, this is a very broad term and could mean anything from microtransactions to DLC.

But seeing how there are gold and silver chests with premium versions of the game it is possible that players will have the option of purchasing these chests in the game as well.

There are exclusive war chests for different versions of the game like the Mithril war chest for the people that pre-order the premium version of the game it is possible that when the game actually comes out people that buy the standard edition will have the option of buying these war chests separately.

Shadow of War

It would be a bummer for people who pre-ordered the game just to know that anyone could buy these items later on and that they aren’t as exclusive as they thought but this could be a good business strategy. As a matter of fact this is how gaming is working these days.

People are willing to pay actual money in order to have an upper hand on other players and game developers are taking advantage of this fact. Even though this could be considered unethical, seeing how everyone is doing it, makes it more tolerable.

Let us know what you think about Shadow of War and whether or not there will be microtransactions in the game.