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Overwatch Will Get “Saving Highlights” Feature Before Summer Ends

A month after Blizzard confirmed that it is working on a feature to save highlights in Overwatch, we finally receive a rough time frame of release.

Responding to a thread on the official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the community will be able to save their precious highlights sometime before the end of summer.

It is still too soon for the developer to mention a concrete release date, but Blizzard is confident that players only have to wait it out for a few additional months.

That being said, do not confuse “Saving Highlights” with a “Replay System” as both are entirely different features.

Saving Highlights refers to sharing the “Play of the Game,” an aspect that the community is currently following through by using third-party services. Replay System is basically for recording entire games, which includes Play of the Games as well.

Blizzard is working on both features but do not expect an official Replay System to arrive after summer, or even later this year. As previously explained, replays have “a lot more involved” and “way more complex.”

The developer was always aiming to release Saving Highlights first in its road-map. As such, a replay system “will take much longer than saving highlights.”

The news confirms previous speculation that Blizzard wants a saving feature to be there when it inaugurates the highly anticipated Overwatch League in the third quarter of the year. It will help both the community and developer to share the most flashy moments from every professional match, as well as on amateur levels.

The Overwatch community is already using third-party tools in this regard but those come with the risk of instability and security risk.