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This NieR Automata Mod Brings Improved Performance For Lower-End Systems

NieR Automata has just launched for PC and PC gamers are enjoying the game. While the game is fantastic, it does not perform well on low-end systems and that is why a NieR Automata mod has been released that fixes this issues.

This NieR Automata mod comes from Modder Kaldaien. The mod provides more stable performances on lower end configurations and also offers a chance to lock frame rate for a mush smoother experience.

To install this NieR Automata mod you will have to replace the dxgi.ini file present in the game folder with the one provided by modders and that is just about it. The mod makes the following changes:

Overview of settings in dxgi.ini:[Compatibility.General] DisableBloatWare_NVIDIA=true ; Disables GeForce Experience / NVIDIA Shield Features, since they are broken for some people.

[Render.FrameRate] TargetFPS=60.0 ; Use my framerate limiter, since it performs better – SET TO 0.0 to disable
LimiterTolerance=0.05 ; Lower values increase CPU load of framerate limiter for more consistent framerates
WaitForVBLANK=true ; Framerate limiter is aligned to VBLANK (fewer dropped frames, possibly lower framerate)
BackBufferCount=1 ; Double-Buffered instead of Quad-Buffered
PreRenderLimit=3 ; Pre-Rendered Frame Limit, set lower for less input latency but possible stutter
PresentationInterval=-1 ; VSYNC (-1 = Game Preference, 0 = OFF, 1 = ON, 2+ = 1/ Refresh Rate
RefreshRate=60 ;FORCE 60 Hz instead of game’s default (59 / 50)

[Render.DXGI] MaxRes=0x0 ; Maximum Resolution Listed in-game (0x0 = Unlimited)
MinRes=0x0 ; Minimum Resolution Listed in-game (0x0 = Unlimited)
Scaling=Unspecified ; Fix Fullscreen Scaling, don’t touch this setting

OSD can be turned off by pressing Ctrl + Shift + O, various Special K features can be configured by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Backspace

NieR Automata director has been quite vocal about his game, his desire to see a successor to PlayStation Vita and now he wants a new hero to come and slay him.

NieR Automata is an action RPG developed by Platinum Games for PC and PlayStaiton 4.