New Project CARS 2 Screenshots Show More Cars and Tracks

Slightly Mad Studios, the developers of the popular Project CARS racing sim series, have released a new bundle of screenshots for the upcoming Project CARS 2.

The screenshots include a number of cars, along with various effects like water, lighting, and a lot more to grab the interest of racing game fans.

Project CARS 2 is the crowdfunded sequel to the original Project CARS, which came out in 2015 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Project CARS 2 will be releasing on all of these platforms as well, and is slated for release sometime later this year. In the meantime, Slightly Mad is teasing us with these snazzy-looking screenshots.

Project CARS 2 will have more tracks, more cars, and more modes such as co-op play, rally car races, and hill climbing, and the screenshots have shown us some of the cars we will be able to do these in, including the Jaguar, the F-the Type Recorder SVR, the McLaren P1, the Acura NSX, the Nissan GT-2017 R Nismo, and the Nissan 300ZX. These are only a few of the large variety of cars that will be coming with the game when it releases.

While we haven’t really seen much of Project CARS 2, what we’ve seen in the new screenshots makes it look like a beautiful game, especially when it’s compared to the Forza and Gran Turismo games, which also pride themselves on making beautiful-looking car models and landscapes for players to race around in.

If you want to see the Project CARS 2 screenshots for yourself, feel free to look further up the article. In the meantime, with no clear release date for when the game will come out, we can only hope that Slightly Mad Studios eventually reveals the game at E3 or sooner, and that the reveal comes along with a release date.