Mass Effect Andromeda Hunting the Archon Mission Guide – The Salarian Ark, Kett Flagship Location

Mass Effect Andromeda Hunting the Archon Mission Guide will help you with the mission and will guide you with the consequences of the your choices that you will encounter during the mission.

In Hunting the Archon Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda your only lead to the Archon’s ship is hiding away in a Kadara port. Open up the Galaxy Map and find the Govorkam system and you will be given a quick rundown of the situation at the ports by Vetra.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Hunting the Archon Mission Guide

While the there is some tension brewing between the Outcasts and the Collective the ports are in ceasefire zone. However, things will not go as planned and as the Nexus approaches Kadara, Evfra calls and will tell you to visit Kralla’s Song to meet a Resistance contact.

When the Tempest land Ryder will be alone so follow the mission marker. There will be a bar, so enter there and wait for the contact.

The contact will be a human and will inform Ryder that word of Vehn’s betrayal made it to Kadara, and he was arrested for it. There is a call for his execution and now you will have to meet up with Sloane Kelly.

Sloane can be found in the Outcast center, once there you will be escorted to Sloane and will give Ryder a chance to interrogate Vehn.

Vehn will tell you that he got his orders from a Kett transponder. It’s buried somewhere outside the city. he will also offer to tell why he betrayed Moshae. The transponder is outside the ceasefire space, so gear up. Go to the docks and access the transit console to return to Tempest.

At the tempest a couple of new missions will unlock relating to Drack and PeeBee so complete them if you like or you can ignore them and complete these missions afterwards.

Head to the Kadara and take the lift in the port to Kadara’s slums. Exit through the gate and a forward station will land shortly afterwards. Hop on the Nomad and follow the mission marker.

Make your way to the west but be careful of the wildlife here. More and more enemies will pop up as you get closer to the objective. Once you are at the location exit the Nomad and grab the transponder a cutscene will play.

Once the cutscene is over go back to the Tempest and present the transponder to Gil. The device will be fixed and you will be connected to the Kett and in the mean time, you will receive Kett coordinates.

The Kett Flagship
The Kett will be hold up in the Tafeno system, so travel there and you will find more than a Kett flagship, the salarian ark. Dock the tempest and choose your gear and squadmates for the mission.

Follow the mission marker and you will find the salarians’ encrypted distress call and the Ark is very strangely quiet. Access the terminal ahead and you will find another body but the DNA will not match. Scan the cryo bay pods and scan the furthest left of the three to find the Pathfinder. Interact wit the terminal to get her out.

She will be willing to help Ryder and Ryder intends to save all on the Ark. Enter the Kett ship and a fight will follow. Once they have been taken care of, access the terminal to find the Archon’s chamber and SAM will temporarily disable the alarm.

Raeka will take a different path and you will go the other. You will approach the armory take a look around and get to the next room where you will again face off against the Kett. Once the room is clear head to the second floor and move to the next room.

Continue down the hallway and you will find a scientist kill him fast to get an item. In the next room, there will be more enemies for you take care of and this time each wave will bring more powerful enemies. With the enemies taken care of head up and out to the next room to talk to Raeka.

Continue ahead but the Kett will be attempting to halt Ryder’s progress but to not avail. There will be more enemies ahead in the hallway destroy them and go to the next lab. Keep going ahead and Ryder and the team will be trapped in a containment field.

The Archon approaches and will speak to Ryder and injects Ryder with something and leaves. but SAM will save the day.

Now use the console nearby to open the door and exit. Down the tunnels, you will encounter a Wraith, a few crates, and a dead salarian that was trying to escape.

You will come up to the Archon’s chambers make your way to the back of the room and the EMP will go off and more enemies will come your way this time a Kett Krogan will be among them. However, he will be a bit tough to defeat.

Once the area is clear you will have to make a choice either save Raeka or save the captured Krogans. From here the mission will be a bit different depending on your choice but you will have to face a lot of enemies along the way.

If you choose to save the prisoners kill all the enemies and in the room where the prisoners are held will be an Ascended. Destroy them and use the console to free the prisoners.

The tempest will swoop in and all will get aboard and swiftly make their way out of there and the salarian ark makes its escape as well.

You will get plenty of feedback from the crew depending on your choice back at the Tempest. Then a cutscene will play showcasing Archon’s obsession with the remnant and that is the end of the mission.

That is all for our Mass Effect Andromeda Hunting the Archon Mission Guide with tips on how to complete the mission and consequences of your choices.