Lee Sin Legendary Skin Teased for League of Legends

Earlier today, the official social media accounts of Riot Games began teasing a new upcoming League of Legends skin for Lee Sin.

The Blind Monk may have to change his epithet because, as the developer puts it, “immortal sight cannot be obscured.” From the haughty first impression, Lee Sin may be on the verge of receiving a legendary skin in League of Legends.

Besides the teaser, Riot Games has not revealed any more details. We’re expecting the developer to do so later this week. Either that, or the Public Beta Environment (PBE) will soon be updated to give us a better look at the new wardrobe option of the champion.

Lee Sin was announced for the League of Legends roster back in 2011. He was one of the first six original champions designed for the game but was ultimately dropped by the developer. However, on the behest of the community, Riot Games breathed life into the champion and released him a couple of years later.

Despite multiple changes to the meta and damage imposed by nerf-cannons, Lee Sin has remained as a popular pick in the jungle all these years. He is one of few champions in the game that boast an incredibly steep learning curve. It is not easy to play as the Blind Monk, and even more harder to perfect his style of play.

His upcoming new skin only confirms the fact that solo queues are going to be flooded with would-be Lee Sin players.