GTA Online Now Has The Hijak Ruston And Other Stunt Cars, Hurdles, Boost Refills And Explosive Crates

Special Vehicle Circuit update came out recently for GTA Online and it brought new content with it. Players were able to use stunt cars and do all kinds of fun activities with them.

That is being taken to another level with the introduction of the Hijak Ruston.

The Hijak Ruston is an all out stunt car which is stripped down for the best performance. According to Sony:

Stripped down and drenched in carbon fiber, the Hijak Ruston is a lightweight and pint-sized packet of fury. It might not win any safety awards, but the Ruston’s low profile gets you as close to the tarmac as you’re ever going to want to be, so nestle in and brace yourself for some tight turns and even tighter clenches.

GTA Online

The Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000, and Blazer Aqua  have also been added to the Special Vehicle Circuit and there are more features that will also be coming out.

New prop designs are being added to the game as well as boost refills and car abilities. Psychedelic Stunt Tubes will send racers to other dimensions while walls will do some serious damage. It is interesting to see that the game is still getting new content considering how long it has been out.

GTA Online is full of features and activities that you can take part in to kill the time if you have finished the story mode of GTAV. You might find something that interests you if you decide to give it a shot. If you have not played GTA Online then I recommend that you give it a shot.

Let us know what you think about new content coming out for GTA Online and whether or not you have tried out the game yet.