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DiRT 4 New Team Management System Is Very Realistic

Here we are with new information on Dirt 4. This time we talk about the game’s team management system.

In Dirt 4, just like as if you were in real life, you will start with a small team that will include an engineer, a PR agent, a co-driver, and spotters for Rallycross and Landrush. As you improve things, you will unlock new slots for additional staff members.

After hiring employees, you’ll receive a card with specific info on them – level of skills, mood, contract – that will be very helpful in order to understand the best way to work with your team and how to make the best out of a difficult situation.

So, interaction will be the key to reach the success with your team in Dirt 4.

Fans of the Dirt series were very excited after the announcement of the game. It will come to consoles and PC, but the development team has also talked about a Nintendo Switch version.

During an interview with Daily Star, senior game designer Darren Hayward expressed his positive feelings about the Kyoto based company’s console, adding that Dirt 4 won’t be available for Switch at launch. Anyhow, the studio has not ruled it out.

Personally, I’ve got my Switch pre-ordered and I’m getting it day one. Obviously, at launch Dirt 4 is not coming to Switch. We’d already picked our platforms. We’ve nothing to announce right now, but, I wouldn’t rule it out.

Are you excited for the game’s release?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments and stay-tuned in order to know more about the upcoming racing game Dirt 4!

Dirt 4 is a racing video game being developed by Codemasters for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will launch in June 2017