Battlefield 1 Increases Resupply Timers to Further Combat Spam

The Community Test Environment (CTE) of Battlefield 1 was updated last night to initiate “Ammo 2.0 Initial Testing” for the Support class.

DICE is completely reworking how players resupply through ammunition crates and pouches to end the “excessive use of explosive gadgets and grenades.” We saw the first change a couple of weeks back with Update 1.07, which reduced the amount of grenades a player can carry. They now replenish automatically after a specific period of time.

With grenades out of the way, the developer is moving on to other gadgets in Battlefield 1.

“We expect that, once everything has been tweaked properly, there should be a significant reduction in explosives availability while making active resupplies by allies more relevant and less frustrating,” noted DICE. “We also increased the times it takes to resupply offensive grenades to better work with the average player lifetimes.”

Here’s how Ammo 2.0 works:

  • Gadgets replenish some of their ammo passively. Usually this is limited to less than the standard maximum amount of ammo. Most of the time it is one magazine.
  • If the passive replenish is limited, the timer will keep running after the limit has been reached, but at the end of the cycle it prepares a magazine for instant resupply when getting near an ammo crate, instead of adding ammo directly to your inventory.
  • Some gadgets allow you to carry more ammo than the standard maximum if actively resupplying on ammo crates. This bonus ammo is lost when you respawn.
  • Ammo crates greatly speed up the replenish rate and allow for full resupplies.
  • When you respawn, most gadgets will come with the same amount of ammo you died with. This also extends across two gadgets of the same type, like HE and Frag rifle grenades. However, most gadgets will have a minimum amount of ammo, preventing you from spawning without any ammo.
  • Most offensive gadgets do not replenish passively when you are under fire. Active replenish is slowed down.
  • Healing gadgets now benefit from nearby ammo crates. They are also not affected by suppression.

Much to the disappointment of the community, DICE is further increasing the resupply timers on lethal grenades:

  • Frag: 49 seconds
  • Gas: 35 seconds
  • Impact: 49 seconds
  • Incendiary: 49 seconds
  • Light AT: 42 seconds
  • Mini: 28 seconds

It should be noted that under the new Ammo 2.0 system, DICE is disabling ammunition pouches. The damage numbers have been further adjusted as well, with anti-tank gadgets going down. Additional testing will reveal if the changes are too harsh or not. As always, “remember that these are changes that may or may not be in the next release in production.”

You can go through the complete changes to the ammo system here.