DICE Explains Ammo 2.0, A Complete Supply Rework Of Battlefield One

DICE recently introduced an update to Battlefield 1 that changed the way that players get new grenades and other supplies for their weapons, and gamers weren’t very happy about it. Now, it seems that the studio is actually going to explain Ammo 2.0, their own name for the various ammunition changes.

According to DICE, the ability to use the various gadgets that each Battlefield 1 class comes with has been revamped in Ammo 2.0. Instead of having items that you have to replenish with an ammo bag or some other method, now those gadgets will run on cooldowns.

You now only have to wait for a while to be able to use them again, though making use of ammo bags will speed up that cooldown.

This method of resupply is to make just dying and re-deploying a less attractive option than going to find a way to re-supply. Considering the abilities of the Support class in the game, this will also increase the class’s importance to the game as a whole.

The Ammo 2.0 system will allow the Support class’s offense-based gadgets to be a counterpart to the Medic’s own healing-based gadgets, in a similar way. While it is possible to win a firefight without a medic due to passive health regeneration, it’s easier when a Medic is present.

The same can now be said of the Support in Battlefield 1.

Considering that many Battlefield 1 players normally all group up as one class instead of making a true, well-balanced squad, this will also hopefully help to make the game more dynamic.

Brute-force will hopefully no longer be as effective, and will make it easier for players to re-supply in the game.

Ammo 2.0 comes around just as the game’s first true DLC, “They Shall Not Pass”, is only around a week away from releasing, so hopefully it will make the game better in two ways.