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Battlefield 1 Adds New Martini-Henry Variant, Highly Over-Powered!

The Community Test Environment (CTE) of Battlefield 1 was updated last night to add new weapon variants for the existing Class Rank 10 weapons.

The four new inclusions will be available to all once the next patch goes live for Battlefield 1, regardless of whether you own the new “They Shall Not Pass” expansion pack or not. Each new weapon variant features its own Assignment Reward, which must be completed beforehand.

As always, “remember that these are changes that may or may not be in the next release in production.”

Assault: Hellriegel 1915 (Defensive)

  • Perform 300 kills with the Hellriegel 1915
  • Perform 25 kills with AT Mines

DICE recently adjusted the original Hellriegel to be more inaccurate at range. In comparison, the defensive variant sees a further reduction in both accuracy and hip-fire. However, it boasts greater control for players who like to aim down their sights.

Medic: Selbstlader 1906 (Sniper)

  • Perform 300 kills with the Selbstlader 1906
  • Perform 25 kills with Rifle Grenades

It dials back on hip-fire, making it mandatory for players to aim down their sights for greater control. A healthy increase in terms of damage, though, may find the new variant quite popular with many.

Support: Huot Automatic (Optical)

  • Perform 300 Kills with the Huot Automatic
  • Perform 25 kills with Limpet Charges

The original Huot Automatic was never one for popularity. The same is the case with the new optical variant. A reduction in accuracy and control makes it all the more necessary for players to opt for other options.

Scout: Martini-Henry (Sniper)

  • Perform 300 kills with the Martini-Henry
  • Perform 25 kills with Bayonet Charge

The original Martini-Henry was rendered useless after DICE adjusted its hit-boxes and damage numbers in December. The sniper variant will return the weapon back to its former glory.

It has no downside, boasting an absurd maxed out damage and accuracy with the same amount of control. In addition, you get the benefits of using a scope. Martini-Henry is back!