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Clearing the Confusion, You CANNOT Access Battlefield 1 DLC Without Paying

It was last week when Battlefield 1 received its first expansion pack, They Shall Not Pass, that introduced various new weapons, vehicles, and more.

Many players from the community are under the impression that they can gain access to the new content for free. However, that is not the case. You are required to purchase the expansion or the game’s Premium Pass in order to do so.

The problem lies in a vague user interface (UI) that misleads players to believe otherwise. Every new weapon and vehicle from They Shall Not Pass is locked behind a specific set of requirements that must be completed beforehand. The “Assignments” are visible to everyone in the game. Without a better indication of a pay-wall, many have been trying to follow through the requirements to unlock the content.

For example, the Sjögren Inertial (Factory) shotgun states that a player must “Perform 50 kills with the Model 10-A Slug” and “In a round, perform 15 Kills with the M97 Trench Gun Hunter” to get access to the weapon. You would be surprised to see so many players trying to grind in the servers right now.

Ironically, players take the unstable online services of Battlefield 1 as the reason the tracking dial of the DLC weapons are not being updated. Players continue to grind the Assignments, leading to frustration and bewilderment.

So clearing up the confusion, anyone who does not own They Shall Not Pass cannot access its content. In other words, you cannot unlock the new DLC weapons or vehicles. The same goes for the new multiplayer map. On the other hand, you’re free to pick up a DLC weapon from a corpse or hop into a vehicle spawned by an ally.

There is also some confusion over how DICE offered every Battlefield 4 expansion pack for free in the past. The developer is not doing the same for Battlefield 1, at least not so early in the game’s lifetime.

They Shall Not Pass is currently in its early-access for Premium Pass owners. The expansion will become available to everyone for purchase next week. It will not be released for free to the masses.

Battlefield recently received Patch 1.07, signalling an end to the “excessive use of explosive gadgets and grenades” in the game.