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Super Mario Run For Android Will Release on March 23 2017, Pre-Register Now And Relive The Old Experience

Super Mario Run (iOS exclusive for now) will be available for android on March 23rd 2017.

Nintendo revealed this game will be available to android users in March and an exact date was not given but an American division of Nintendo revealed this in a tweet that the game will be available on March 23rd for android and the players should pre-register right away.

Nintendo America said:

Android version of #Super Mario Run will be available on 3/23 with the Ver.2.0.0 update! Pre-register now

So pre register now and get a chance to play Super Mario Run in just two days,  due to how crowded the servers are on the initial release players might face some problems connecting to Google Play Store, given Nintendo’s always-on internet policy stays in place.

There is quite a possibility that Nintendo will move things around and add more features to the roster,  But of course, that’s uncertain at the present time.

The players can also expect a one-handed gameplay experience that is designed for devices such as smart phones. To pre-register for Super Mario Run immediately click here

Super Mario has been an all time classic, it never failed to entertain us when we were children.

It will be a good change to see an old classic like this holding its own against modern android games, as seen on iPad and iPhone Super Mario Run retains its initial style fused with modern graphics.

If you have some cash to spare you can have access to the complete features and for the players that don’t want to spend anything, well you can still play the base game for as long as you like.

The game is free to download and with a $9.99 in-app purchase for those who wish to unlock the complete experience and game modes. So pre-register now and throw bowser into the burning magma to save your princess.