New Overwatch Objective Tracking Has the Community Worried

Before the weekend, Blizzard revealed that it was coming up with new changes that would greatly reduce the probability of Overwatch games ending in draws.

The proposed solution is the introduction of a “tracker” that forces teams to capture a certain percentage of an objective. While the community has for long been requesting for a fix to reduce the number of draws in Overwatch, the solution from Blizzard isn’t what players had in mind.

The new percentage-based scoring system will indeed shutdown the possibility of a tied game, but it also brings up another issue. If neither team captures an objective, the last team to play attack simply has to sit on the objective uncontested for a split second to get a higher percentage and therefore capture it to win the game.

As such, the tracking system has resulted in teams focusing solely on objectives. That doesn’t sound bad at all. However, there are ways through which teams can move to quickly end games in fairly little time.

In one example, a Sombra player was able to end a round in just twenty-four seconds by flanking with stealth and getting a percentage from capturing the objective. Since their team held the enemy off the point for the entire previous round, the map immediately ended in victory as soon as Sombra captured the objective.

The community is voicing its worries over how the feature is unfair and unbalanced. Many are suggesting that the new percentage-based scoring be changed to the “pie-slice” ticks on the objective capture. However, that would bring back the possibility of games ending in draws.

As it is, the idea is still in its inception on the Public Test Region (PTR). Blizzard will need to fine-tune the feature before bringing it over to the live servers as an optimal solution.