Game Freak Job Ad Hints At A Nintendo Switch Pokemon Game

A new job ad from Game Freak, developers of Pokemon, seems to suggest a Nintendo Switch Pokemon game might be in development.

There have been other reports in the past to support this theory as last year, some evidence appeared that a Nintendo Switch Pokemon game was in development as Pokemon Star.

The newly posted job ad mentions that Game Freak is looking for a character modeler for a “new title”. The job will be based in Tokyo and lasts up to May 2018 which means the game is unlikely to release this year.

Among the requirements for the job, the developers are looking for those experienced in Maya and making characters for WiiU and PS Vita titles to make characters that are “exaggerated toon style people, monsters and item models”

These requirements seem more than enough to consider a Nintendo Switch Pokemon version although it is to be considered a rumor until an official announcement.

The ad also mentions the game will be a “consumer game” which rules out a smartphone title.

Despite being famously known for Pokemon games, Game Freak has other titles under their belt as well so the project could be entirely separate from Pokemon and could be another one of their games.

According to Japanese game sites, it is possible that this new job might be a for a Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Sun and Moon games which were released last year on 3DS.

Until there is any official confirmation from Nintendo or Game Freak, we can’t be fully sure what this new project is but Nintendo Switch does need more games and developers working on it so a Pokemon game would definitely be a huge boost.

So far, Nintendo Switch’s launch library once again seems to be mainly comprised by first party titles despite many publishers pledging their support for the platform.