Mass Effect Andromeda Day One Patch Recommended For PC

Mass Effect Andromeda day one patch is the savior!

Mass Effect Andromeda is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the PC version (as expected), players are reporting many issues with the game such as crashes and black screen.

There is a fix for these problems though; Mass Effect Andromeda day-one update can resolve some of the problems you are facing on PC. According to Bioware, Mass Effect Andromeda day one patch is recommended so make sure you download it before playing the game on PC.

The update will deal a number of problems but the biggest one is still unresolved. More importantly, it may never be resolved. Mass Effect Andromeda’s facial animations are a major issue for the game and the cause of significant backlash from the community.

How much can these animations be improved by updates is unknown but they do need a lot of work. Bioware is currently in hot waters over the poor facial animations and things got worse when someone pointed out that the lead animator could be hired to due to her popularity as a cosplayer.

Bioware came out to deny this accusation and we doubt the company did this. However, Gamergate sirens are going off across the internet right now.

Mass Effect Andromeda is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For more on Andromeda, stay-tuned!

How do you see Mass Effect Andromeda’s release? Do you think the game needed more time? Did EA rush it? Share your views in the comments below.