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Mass Effect Andromeda Day One Patch Changes Ryder’s Facial Animations?

This rumour started from a reddit post stating that Mass Effect Andromeda day one patch can potentially change the look of the default female Ryder. Mass Effect Andromeda has received some criticism for the facial animations of its characters especially the sister.

Although her twin sibling has faced the same issues but it does not have the same impact on him because of his masculinity. Here you can see the difference between the initial version and the changes that occurs after installing Mass Effect Andromeda day one patch.

andromeda ryder facial animation

The difference in animation can definitely be seen the face appears to be much slimmer around the cheek bone, the nose also looks sharper, the ears become shorter, the eye brows are thinner and the lips have much better curves.

The characters when compared side by side look very different, one is a Slimmer more sharper version while other is a bit dull and chubby.

Another comparison can be seen here
ryder facial 2

The game gives us a chance to select a default preset for either male or female main character, the changes you make to your character will also be seen in their twin sibling and father Alec Ryder.

Due to this fact animation becomes an integral part of the game and any lack in the subject will face great amount of criticism.

Although it has not yet been confirmed since the game is not available to play for general audience but it is worth mentioning that players should keep an eye out for Mass Effect Andromeda day one patch if they too find the facial animations to be a bit dull.

The initial gameplays show a lot of bugs in the characters and with the release date less than a few hours away the developers of this game BioWare must be under a lot of pressure to release the final product.  We hope BioWare will fix the animation issues and will gives us our money’s worth. The Games comes out Tomorrow 21 March 2017 on Play Station4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.