Mass Effect Andromeda A Better Begining Mission Guide – Land On EOS, Vault Location, How to Recruit PeeBee, Drack

Mass Effect Andromeda Beginning Mission Guide will walk you through the entire mission and help you on how to get to the vault and how to recruit PeeBee and Drack.

The first mission as the Ryder players will have to make to the EOS planet to see if it is a viable place to live. This is the first true large mission in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Mass Effect Andromeda A Better Begining Mission Guide

Make your way to the Hyperion and speak with SAM, the AI created by your character’s father. Once you are done talking to SAM you will unlock The Ryder Family Secrets mission but that is for another time, right now the priority is getting to EOS.

Go to your ship, the Tempest, and talk to anyone if you want to. Once you are done head to the bridge and take off. To get to the EOS you will need to use the Galaxy map that you will find on the bridge. Open the Galaxy Map and navigate to Eos in the Pytheas system and activate the planet scanner.

Keep scanning until you find a landing zone on EOS, once you find the landing zone disembark the Tempest and land on the planet. Once you have confirmed for landing you will see a loadout screen and select your weapons, armor, and squadmates.

Once you have landed on EOS in Mass Effect Andromeda search the Site 1’s main control building. Head to the marker to find the building. To open a door you will need a code which can be found in a datapad in the building to the left of the massive circular structure.

Once you have the code go back to the door and open it. However, the power is out and it is up to you to restore it. Go through the door and take a left and go to the console in the far room. Activate it and go back to the power relay station outside behind the tempest.

The door will be locked, so head round the back and up the stairs. Use the terminal and start a conversation with an unexpected inhabitant.

This inhabitant will agree to turn on the generators if Ryder agrees to handle any Kett that will be alerted. GO back down and start the generator. Activate the pylon nearby and go the tempest to activate the second pylon. Once the second pylon is activated, some Kett will arrive on as ship and take them out.

Once you have dealt with them head back upstairs and open the door and talk to Clancy. Clancy will tell you that Tempest will not be able to fly in strong winds and you will have to find the vehicle in the storage.

Just restore the power to the site 1 using the terminal and its time to find the vehicle in the storage. Just follow the marker to the crate containing the vehicle, Nomad. To get Nomad in Mass Effect Andromeda you will have to scan the crate and then gain access to it.

To get the access you will need to call down the forward station, go back to the crate and use the keypad on the right and Nomad will shoot out and is ready for you to drive.

Get in the Nomad and go to the signal location outside of the safe zone. Follow the path that leads to the right once you drive through the circular structure. Back inside the safe zone you will find an alien device. But you will not be able to interact with it given that it uses unknown glyphs.

Scan the glyphs to send it back to SAM. Use your jump jets and climb the building marked on your display. You will find a glyph that will need scanning and then go back to the alien device.

Ryder will attempt to use more power and then Ryder will be jumped by PeeBee. She will tell you what she has been doing and Remnant enemies turn up. Take the enemies out and continue talking to PeeBee.

The Second Monolith
Now you will need to activate two more Remnant monoliths. Get back in the Nomad and drive until you reach a fork in the road. Take the path to the right and keep moving ahead until you find another split in the road. Take the path to the left and you will reach the second Remnant Monolith.

Park the Nomad and quickly get to the safe zone. There will be Remnant robots in the area that will attack you once they scan you. Take out the robots and activate the alien device. You will get a Remnant Decryption puzzle and to solve this puzzle you are required to scan more glyphs.

You will find the glyphs in the surrounding area. You will have to activate terminals around the edge of the safe area in order to raise platforms and then reach glyphs.

Activate the device and you’ll have to solve the Remnant Puzzle or use a decryption key. To solve the puzzle follow our solved puzzle guide for the correct glyph placements. Once the puzzle is solved more Kett will drop, so try and take them out and it is time to go to the third monolith.

The Third Monolith
After defeating the Kett get back to Nomad and make your way to the third Monolith. Drive back down the path down the hill and continue down this path until you reach a fork.

Take the right path and keep going until you reach remanent structures. Keep to the right and drive straight into the main structure. park the Nomad in the safe zone and take out the Kett.

Once you have taken out the Kett you will need to turn off three generators that are powering a force field preventing you access to the to the main building. You can jet boost up onto the roof and then jump down to deactivate it.

Now enter the main building and you will be introduced to Drack the Krogan, and then it’s time to activate the final Remnant monolith. Head the ramp and interact with the Remnant console and again you will have to scan two glyphs in order to progress.

One is easily accessible via a series of Remnant platforms, and the other needs you to venture out of the safe zone briefly, onto a platform and then up. Once the glyphs are scanned interact with the console and the next part of the mission will trigger.

The monolith will point towards a place nearby a lake. Drive to the point and take out Kett camps along the way if you want to, or you can make a direct path to the point.

You will again find an alien console, interact with it and it will result in buildings rising from the lake. A bridge will form as you walk across towards the vault.

The Vault
After a brief cutscene, you will have to make a choice about rather or not drop down to the hole that’s opened up. Decide quickly as the option will not remain open for long. Just jump down and you will land safely and it is time to explore the Remnant vault.

Activate the console and head to the large doors. Scan the objects inside and open the second door. Your path will diverge from Peebee’s ad she will go on a path of her own and you will have to follow the conduit into the vault.

A floating structure will appear in front of you but you can’t touch it since it is electrified. Keep walking and you will come down to a cavernous room with a console at the front. Interact with it to raise two blast shields.

Make your way to the marker by jumping through the platforms. A group of Remnant are patrolling and will engage as soon as they’ve scanned you. Take them out and move on following the conduit with your scanner.

You will encounter another group of the Remnant, so take them out. Once done carry one towards the marker until you find PeeBee and start a conversation with her. After the conversation, A group of Remnant are patrolling and will engage as soon as they’ve scanned you.

Follow through the large room and take out the Remnant. You will notice turret up to the right, destroy it before you take out the enemies. Clear the room and interact with the two terminals on either side of the room.

Activate the gravity well in the center of the room and you will taken down to the large room even deeper into the structure. The console down there will be broken so look around a bit and Pebee will shout down from the platform above.

She will send some data to repair the broken console. Interact with the console and open the large door. Go through the door and interface with the console ahead.

A number of pillars will emerge for you to jump across. Interact with the console right next to the giant plant and more pillars will appear, use them to cross them to the other side.

Fight he Remnant forces and activate the console there and a path will be formed across the chasm. Backtrack your steps to the platform that has the large plant on it. Once there interact with the console and pillars will emerge for you to go to the other side.

If you are not sure where are you going just make sure you are following the orange marker. There is a door on the platform that can’t be opened yet. Interact with the console to raise pillars and more Remnants will appear. Just take them out and continue towards the marker.

Interact with the console ahead activate a bridge and head over and through the door. Now you have reached your target. Interact with the console and a cutscene will trigger. Soon you will need to run away just keep away from exploding floor panels and move towards the markers.

How to Recruit PeeBee and Drack, and Build An Outpost
Once you are at the surface of the planet you will be able to recruit PeeBee and build an outpost on EOS. Head to the outpost location and you will find Drack taking on a group of Kett. Kill the Kett and recruit him into your party.

Go to the Outpost Beacon and activate it. Now you will have to decide whether or not it is a scientific outpost or a military one.

Head back to the Tempest and take off. Open the planetary map and zoom out until you can see Zheng He in the Helius Cluster. Select Zheng and then the Nexus to travel there. Once you get there hop onto the ram and take a ride to Nexus Operations.

Head up the stairs and then go the opposite direction to the right then walk left towards Director Tann’s office. Open the door and you’ll trigger a conversation with Tann, Kesh, and Kandros and the mission is complete.

That is all for our Mass Effect Andromeda Beginning Mission Guide with tips on how to get tot he vault and how to recruit PeeBee and Drack.