Developer Urges Gamers To Not Pay High Prices For Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ For Nintendo Switch

Tyrone Rodriguez, the founder of Nicalis, has urged the gamers looking to buy the physical version of Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ on Nintendo Switch to not pay for more MSRP.

The first shipment of Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ physical version sold out quicker than anticipated and some have put up the physical version of the game on eBay and are asking for upwards of $60 for a game whose asking MSRP is $39.99.

Tyrone Rodriguez posted on his Twitter account and urged gamers to not pay high prices for Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ saying “I don’t want you to pay more than you have to”.

Please DON’T pay more than MSRP for Afterbirth+ on Nintendo Switch. While the first run is limited, it’s still available

In related news, It seems that a Moster Hunter hunter game is coming to Nintendo Switch as Capcom has hinted that it might. Capcom’s Shintaro Kojima was asked if a Monster Hunter game would come to Nintendo Switch to this he replied, “hope you enjoy it on 3DS first”.

While he did not confirm it, Kojima also did not outright deny that the game might be coming to Nintendo Switch, which might suggest that the game would one day come to the hybrid console.