Battlefield 1: How to Trigger the Flying House Easter Egg

Besides additions to the armory, “They Shall Not Pass” also introduced a brand new Easter egg when it released for Battlefield 1 last week.

In reference to Carl Fredricksen’s balloons-equipped flying house from Disney’s animated feature Up, a specific sequence of events on Verdun Heights can trigger the Easter egg in the distance.

Wine Bottles
Head to Objective A to locate three wine bottles stacked alongside the fences in the south field. Two of them will be alongside the first fence, while you’ll have to cross the field for the third wine bottle. Destroy all three.

Hint: When you find the first wine bottle, simply run forward in a straight line to find the other two.

Weather Vanes
Turn left and you’ll see houses in the distance. Locate and shoot the weather vanes found on top of two houses in the vicinity. Then head to the hill overlooking the town and shoot the third and last weather vane on top of the barn.

Hint: You can shoot the weather vanes in any order.

Once all the wine bottles and weather vanes have been disposed off, quickly turn south and zoom into the horizon. Pretty soon, three balloons in red, white, and blue will peek in the distance. Gather your friends and watch the balloons, and the house tied to below, float away with the breeze.