Hi-Rez Studios: Xbox One Scorpio Will Not Make Us “Lose Sight Of” Current Gen Consoles

Xbox One Scorpio will be the most powerful console when it releases and devs will make sure to take full advantage of its powerful hardware. However, console market will still be dominated by the base Xbox One and PS4 and devs would not want to miss them out, at least not Hi-Rez Studios.

Speaking with Gamingbolt, Rory Newbrough, the lead designer at Hi-Rez Studios, said that the studio will certainly not lose sight of the less powerful console just because a powerful console is in the market.

We like to develop from the bottom up, ensuring the low-end machines and last generation hardware performs its best with the game. The Scorpio brings an opportunity to take advantage of our ultra or enthusiast level settings, but we won’t lose sight of those of us who still hang on to their current machines.

However, the designer did not confirm that Paladins would be coming to Xbox One Scorpio but said that they have a dedicated team that looks after console development. On the other hand Bethesda has confirmed that Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and Fallout 4 will be patched for Xbox One Scorpio.

Microsoft’s Scorpio is coming next year, and we’ll update Fallout 4 and Skyrim for that. That’s our hope, that these consoles keep that spirit going forward. It’s also the pride of ownership. I like browsing my library of games. Whether it’s on the shelf physically or digitally, that’s all my stuff. And I don’t want to feel like I could lose it, or it has no value, other than sitting there.

Xbox One Scorpio will launch later this year and the full reveal of the console is expected to happen at this year’s E3.