Watch Blizzard Sacrifice Baby Murlocs to New Hearthstone King Dred

“Swamp King Dred” is one of the more ferocious Beast cards that will be available for Hearthstone once the new Journey to Un’Goro expansion releases.

It is a 7-mana Legendary card for the Hunter class that packs 9/9 attack and defense, with a deadly ability. Once placed on the board, Swamp King Dred will automatically attack every minion played by the opponent.

It goes without saying that the real value is evident if the opponent lacks the means to immediately remove the card from the board. They must forcefully part with invaluable cards by feeding them to Swamp King Dred until the beast perishes.

To demonstrate how the card works, Blizzard pitted Swamp King Dred against a bunch of cute and helpless Murloc Tinyfins. You can watch below how the encounter ended. Apparently the high morality rate of baby Murlocs from being hugged to death just went higher.

During a live stream last night, Blizzard revealed over a dozen new cards for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion pack. Senior game designer Peter Whalen partnered with Sean “Day[9]” Plott to take the community through the first batch of reveals, and do the new cards hold promise.

The developer also confirmed that another round of reveal will take place next week at the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Bahamas event, with more reveals planned later on until the expansion officially launches.

Journey to Un’Goro will release in early April and feature 135 new cards in total. Pre-orders have begun and interested individuals can pay $49.99 to attain 50 Journey to Un’Goro card packs.

On that note, Amazon began a special promotional campaign earlier today that offers 500 Amazon Coins for free. Of course, the new pre-order incentive is only applicable if you purchase the expansion from the retailer’s official page.