New Titanfall 2 Blog Post by Respawn Highlight the Communication Issues and the Future

Respawn Entertainment the developers of Titanfall and Titanfall 2 have updated the community on the progress of their Titanfall projects and admitted that they have been less communicative with the community.

They promised that they will do better in the future and the Titanfall community should expect some exciting announcements.

Titanfall 2 update reveals that the project stays healthy with new players coming in every week. Respawn Entertainment is focused on the future of Titanfall and the team is working on a lot of amazing content such as the DLC for Titanfall 2, action blocks and some prototypes for Future Titanfall projects.

A recent post by Respawn Entertainment points out that Titanfall 2 has improved since its initial release with Angel City, Live Fire mode and the company states that the team should make better efforts at engaging with players notifying them of future changes that are coming.

The developers said:

We could have done a better job at communicating the breadth of stuff we planned to release. This is something that we will get better at and the studio remains committed to supporting Titanfall 2 with free content as well as new Prime Titans, store items, and more.

They further state “Next month, we’ll be kicking off a Q&A video series, developer blogs and more. Our goal is to start providing regular content that gives more insight into the people and work they do at Respawn and give a more satisfying feedback loop to players so that their voices feel heard.”

Respawn Entertainment have shown that the promises they make are not empty and the community is free to ask their questions in the future. Players are an important part of the franchise and will be given due importance and attention. Let’s hope the company stays true to its word to make efforts in the near future to keep in touch with the community.