Star Wars: Rogue One VR Is a Great Experience, EA Should Focus More on PlayStation VR

EA developed a Rogue One VR exclusive title in the previous year that showed players what it is like to be in the Star Wars universe, it also had one of the longest titles so far called Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission. “Let’s call it Rogue One VR, this title is too long”

It was a short experience of 20 minutes to show the players what it could become with a bigger team and budget, releasing Rogue One VR was one of the best decisions EA has ever made and releasing this title together with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premier was just too good for words to even explain.

It offered us a look into the cockpit of a X-wing and join the battle formation to fight the empire, this first hand experience was a long dream of the fans of the series for a long time and EA didn’t disappoint in delivering a short demo of what is about to come.

From the look of the space to the sound of the blasters all of it was greatly executed, the asteroid belt was also a nice touch it showed that space is not a place to let your guard down.

The mission was objective based and was nicely put together for such a short preview, we got a good look at the most iconic X-wing fighter jet. The hyper drive is a bit hard on the eyes and it gave me motion sickness but that is what it felt like in the movies so I can’t complain about that.

VR is a rather new and is a bit hard to control but EA did a good job at making the controls manageable to an extent, however, they are not perfect but I hope this will be fixed in the next project of Rogue One VR, if another one arrives hopefully.

EA must develop more titles for VR and hopefully we will get more experiences like this.