PlayStation Held Half Of The Console Market In 2016

PlayStation keeps ruling the market pretty easily, according to data shared by IHS. Thanks to its devices, in fact, Sony has ruled the console market in 2016 with a 57% share.

The report says that the console market was around $35 billion last year, with the PS4 taking over $17.8 billion of that value (or 51% of the cake). On the other hand, Xbox One only held a market value of $9.1 billion, that makes a market share of 26%.

However, things might change this year. Nintendo Switch and its successful The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild have already impressed the critics, and the upcoming Project Scorpio could be the right contender for the podium.

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Even the market offers good devices, people are already talking about PlayStation 5 and other upcoming consoles.

One of the Climax Studios employee has commented the question, saying that photorealism is an inevitability.

The industry will keep making powerful hardware, whose level of graphic detail will be very close to real life as the time goes on with technology.

Regardless of the new consoles’ success, old devices are about to retire. As stated by Gematsu, the production of PlayStation 3 500 GB might be about to end in Japan, since the store page says “shipments are scheduled to end soon”.

The rumor has then been confirmed by a Tweet from a Japanese retailer, who has stated that the production might end this month.

Sony hasn’t commented these rumors until now, but the console is pretty old and there’s no much time left for its life cycle.