League of Legends Survey Suggests Official Biweekly Tournaments

Last week, Riot Games teased that it is working on a new form of competitive League of Legends experience that will exist adjacent to ranked queues.

It is not an unknown fact that League of Legends is played very differently in ranked and tournament circuits. A champion might not be deemed too good for solo queue but may prove vital for a specific team composition in high-level play.

The developer’s goal is to give the best players from the community the opportunity to know what it feels like when playing in a highly competitive environment.

Riot Games didn’t reveal more details because the idea is still in the early phase of development. We assumed that it was a new mode for League of Legends, but a recent survey suggests otherwise.

According to a Reddit user, Riot Games is asking random community members about their opinions on potential tournaments that could be held every two weeks, preferably on weekends.

These events will be split between different ranked divisions and only players from those ranks can participate. This means that players in Gold could form a team to go against others with similar skill levels.

Imagine that in order to qualify for Saturday, you must win a bracket on Friday, and in order to qualify for Sunday, you must win your bracket on Saturday. Imagine that the brackets on Friday were the easiest to win, and the brackets on Saturday were much harder, and only 1 in roughly 500 teams would win a bracket on Sunday.

Imagine that each tournament has over 500 teams in it, and that the team most likely to win is the team with the highest ranked players in that division.

Of course, each tournament will feature a prize pot. For the time being, Riot Games is considering to reward the best teams with Riot Points (RP) but in the future we could probably see skins being included in the pot as well.

Unlike conventional events where only the top teams get a share of the winnings, these League of Legends biweekly tournaments will reward teams for advancing through each bracket. Qualifying from the first round would net a team 300 RP, while surviving the next round would result in 750 RP. The winners of the grand finals would get 5,000 RP.

The idea is pretty exciting for the community. Though, it will mean that Riot Games must dedicate resources for the mini-esports circuit. It goes without saying that there will be a lot of complaints against competitors suspected of smurfing. Hopefully, Riot Games will have a system in place to catch such players in the act.