Ghost Recon Wildlands Pistols Guide: How To Find All The Sidearms

They might not have the range, damage or rate of fire to match up with SMGs or Assault Rifles but Pistols are still an essential weapon in Ghost Recon Wildlands. To successfully infiltrate a base without raising any alarms, pistols are the ideal weapon choice since automatic weapons can still raise enemy suspicion despite being used with a suppressor. This Ghost Recon Wildlands Pistols guide will take players to the best sidearms available in the game to make sure players are ready for all situations, whether it is infiltrating or simply spraying lead towards enemies.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Pistols Guide

The sidearm category in the game mostly includes pistols however there are some small caliber SMGs in there as well, for when stealth is no longer an option and players need high rate of fire to suppress enemies.

P45T: this is the basic starting pistol which the players begin the game with and has decent well rounded stats for stealth

M1911: it is located in a weapon case in the eastern corner of the Ocoro province

SMG-11: this is a high rate of fire small caliber SMG that fits in the sidearm slot and can be found in the Pucara province

Skorpion: another small SMG with a lot of recoil and bullet spread. Can be picked up from Remanzo province, near Marcavi. A Santa Blanca variant is an exclusive reward for those with Twitch Prime membership

M9: a decent damaging stealth pistol located in Villa Verde

D50: a high damaging, high recoil pistol that can be picked up from Libertad province

5.7 USG: one of the best pistols in the game with a high magazine capacity, decent damage and great noise reduction for stealth. Located in Ocoro in one of the bases along the river

P12: slow rate of fire but decent range and accuracy. Located along the rail lines in Tabacal

P227: highly accurate and extremely silent pistol with low damage and rate of fire. Located in Malca province

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