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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Boosts And Icons Revealed For Prestige Levels

A new variety of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare boosts and icons for prestige levels have been added to the game, according to a Reddit leak. The twenty different boosts and icons all confer various bonuses to Master Prestige players when they reach the proper rank. All of the boosts are also permanent.

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The various boosts in the game do everything from giving you a permanent boost to experience gain on challenges, giving you more experience per kill on a certain weapon type (such as assault rifles), or other weapons coming with more ammo available when you first pick them up.

All of these Infinite Warfare boosts and icons, however, must be earned when you’re at Master Prestige and above, meaning once you start getting to Level 11 of prestige and higher, all the way to 30. Earning prestige levels (which will require you to cap at level 55 30 times) will get you more of these boosts, until at Prestige Level 30 you’ll be running all of them at once. All of these together will enhance your multiplayer experience, and make leveling up easier.

Whether this will be something that will try and help re-vitalize Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer, however, is another story. While Infinite Warfare’s story mode got praise when the game came out in November of last year, Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer has been nowhere near as successful. While the enhancements to experience boosting may be a welcome change, it’s likely Infinite Warfare will need multiple expansions to even try and get close to Black Ops 3’s level of popularity.

The Infinite Warfare boosts and icons aren’t going to be added to the game yet, but Infinite Warfare players can probably expect them to be coming either with the game’s next DLC, or its next major update. We can likely expect more information on it all soon.