35 Minutes Of Prey Gameplay Gives Us A Good Intro Into The Game’s World

With Arkane Studio’s latest IP Prey coming soon to consoles and PC, Bethesda and Arkane have shown off a bunch of Prey gameplay. In this case, 35 minutes of it as we follow the lead character Morgan Yu through the first little segment of the game from his apartment to outer space.

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And boy, is it a transition. Unsurprisingly for a game that seems to borrow heavily from System Shock and Bioshock, the game starts out sedate and then mutates into a horrible situation very rapidly. Unlike most games like that where you start out in a normal situation and then go into the unpleasant one, it appears that in Prey you’re stuck in the unpleasant situation from the beginning.

The start of the Prey gameplay appears very similar to the game’s original trailer at last year’s E3 began; Morgan wakes up in his apartment, puts on his TranStar suit, and goes to an office building for tests. However, things rapidly spiral out of control, and in retrospect it would appear that you’re not even on Earth or in your “real” apartment at all, even from the game’s start.

Overall, the game does seem to be sticking to its roots, from the “abandoned facility” feel to the first weapon you pick up, a pipe wrench. We’ve already seen numerous examples of Prey gameplay before, which not only showed us the enemies, but the various sorts of things we could do with the abilities that we’ll gather over the course of the game.

Prey will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on May 5. If you want to see the 35 minutes of Prey gameplay for yourself, you can look back up the article to see exactly how you get thrust into the scenario you’re part of as Morgan Yu.