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$20,000 Is The Price Of The Life-Sized Summer Lesson Statue, Not So Expensive?

You are a fan of Hikari Miyamoto and have money to spend? Then the life-sized Summer Lesson statue is perfect for you!

Said statue is 5’3 (165cm) tall and costs around $23,000. Not an expensive object, indeed.

In addition to the statue, people who decide to break their piggy bank will also receive a CD with a 10-15 minutes long audio message from Hikari herself, and a letter written by her.

However, Bandai Namco is asking future purchasers of the statue to ensure that they really have the place, funds and agreement of their family before placing their order.

More information on the life-sized Summer Lesson statue can be found here.

Summer Lesson is one of the best-selling titles in Japan, and it’s already available for PlayStation VR.