Street Fighter IV Becomes Xbox One Backwards Compatible

Street Fighter IV, hailed as one of the best installments in the franchise, is now officially backwards compatible on Xbox One.

However, there is a small catch. For some reason, Microsoft has added the vanilla (base) version to its backwards compatible library of games. Xbox One owners will be able to download Street Fighter IV, not the latest version which comprises Super and Ultra Arcade editions.

It should also be noted that unless you carry over your save files from Xbox 360, you’ll need to beat the arcade mode in order to unlock the complete roster of characters. Any add-on content that you already own, such as alternate costumes, can be downloaded with ease.

Microsoft has not explained why it opted to go with the vanilla version. Perhaps it has do with a licensing or exclusivity aspect between Capcom and Sony.

Street Fighter IV brought a major boost to the competitive scene, something that the developer hoped to follow through with Street Fighter V. However, last year’s successor is still facing criticism from the fighting game community. Though, Capcom managed to improve the game’s offerings through various updates over the months.

The addition of Street Fighter IV on Xbox One comes at a point when many tournament organizers are rallying to revive the game in the place of the newer installment. Last fall, it was reported that Japan is still refusing to jump over to the fourth entry in the franchise. In fact, Canada Cup 2017 will be featuring Ultra Street Fighter IV this year.

Last month, Capcom confirmed in an earnings briefing that Street Fighter V sales have crossed 1.5 million. The news proved dire because it revealed that the game had only sold close to 100,000 units between May and December. Hopefully, there are good days coming for the game this year.