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Nintendo Switch Loading Times Tested By Digital Foundry, The Result Will Surprise You

Since the Switch has little memory, users have to buy external cards in order to play more games and avoid storage issues. However, different cards mean different loading times, so what’s the fastest way to have better Nintendo Switch loading times?

Digital Foundry might have found the answer.

The team has compared the loading times of the console using different solutions: the internal memory of the console, the cartridges, a 16 GB Micro SD and another one whose size is 64 GB.

The analysis result is very surprising: the internal storage is the fastest solution above all.

If you want to know more about Nintendo Switch loading times, watch the video below.

Anyhow, the console has some issues that are bothering users. For example, the dock of Nintendo Switch keeps scratching its display.

Reports have reached Nintendo itself, that has quickly removed the dock from the stores, waiting for better times.

Now, the dock is again for sale in the US, but it costs more than in the past. The full package containing the dock and the cables is now $97.97, while the old one was around $89.99.

It’s an increase of almost $8, nothing relevant.

Regardless of these issues, Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild are making fans happy. The title is one of the most appreciated in the series, and critics gave it excellent scores.

The upcoming video games for Nintendo Switch may not be as good as Breath of The Wild, and it’s hard to bring important franchises like Overwatch to the console (as stated by producer himself Jeff Kaplan), but we think that if the console is successful, good games will come anyway.

Nintendo Switch and Breath of The Wild can be purchased worldwide.