New Endless Space 2 Species “The Riftborn” Get New Reveal Trailer

Endless Space 2, the sequel to Amplitude Studio’s first turn-based 4X title Endless Space, is coming closer and closer to release. And, as the day gets closer, Amplitude releases more content. In this case, a new Endless Space 2 species, known only as the Riftborn, have joined the wider galaxy.

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The Riftborn are an extradimensional species that once lived in perfect harmony with one another, knowing nothing about the Endless (the precursors of the game’s main galaxy that wiped themselves out in a civil war). However, a rift suddenly opened between their universe and the game’s, leading to it being corrupted” and sending the surviving Riftborn fleeing into the stars to try and find a way to save their home.

The Riftborn’s backstory actually bears some resemblance to the Harmony, the species introduced with the “Disharmony” expansion for Endless Space, who didn’t use the game’s main currency, the miracle substance known as Dust. While we don’t know anything about what the new Endless Space 2 species’s mechanics, Amplitude will likely show them off soon.

Endless Space 2’s other species include the returning Sophon, Craver, United Empire, and Horatio factions from the first game, along with newcomers like the Vodyani (a space-age version of Endless Legend’s Broken Lords) and the mafia-like Lumeris. Along with these major groups, players will also uncover a variety of minor alien species as well.

Each species has its own mechanics that players will have to master, and each is also suited to a different kind of victory. To see this new Endless Space 2 species for yourself, you can likely find it in the game right now, since it’s in early access and is available on Steam for thirty dollars or your regional equivalent.

According to the Endless Space 2 wiki, there’s still one more major faction to reveal, so we’ll likely get them sometime in the next few months.