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New Changes “Greatly Diminish” Overwatch Games From Ending in Draws

Blizzard has confirmed that it is coming up with new changes that will greatly reduce the probability of Overwatch games ending in draws.

Responding to a thread on the official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan agreed with the community that it can be incredibly frustrating to invest so much effort but end up with a tie.

“We have changes coming to the PTR very soon,” he revealed. “These changes will greatly diminish the number of draws.”

While details for the new changes should arrive soon, the Overwatch community should not expect them to go live with the upcoming patch. Blizzard is finalizing the release of Orisa next week. Hence, whatever plans the developer has to address the issue of most games ending in draws will likely be part of the next official update.

This is not the first time that Blizzard has taken a stance to reduce the amount of draws faced by its player-base. Earlier this month, Patch 1.8 dialed back on a common defensive strategy that teams adopt on most maps.

A new respawn delay timer was introduced that limits how the defending side repeatedly piles itself on a specific contested point. The major change not only helps attackers to capture points when they have the advantage but also curbs the tactic of delaying a game in order to get a draw.

At the time, Blizzard hinted that it was working on a more “robust” solution to reduce the chance of games ending in draws. It seems like we are finally ready to see what that solution is.

It must also be taken into account that Overwatch is eyeing to make its name in the esports circles. The Overwatch League is scheduled to inaugurate in the coming months. Games ending in draws is not an issue. Most games ending in draws, especially on competitive soil, is.