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Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Glitch Lets Horses Sprint Continuously

Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild is a massive game and players sometimes have to travel to far away places and riding a horse is a good way to travel the vast open-world of the game. However, every horse has a limited amount of stamina but with a glitch, players can have the horse sprint continuously.

This Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild glitch was found by Youtuber

" target="_blank">Master0fHyrule. For this glitch to work you will require a shield and will have to put in some work to time some button presses.

Just hop on the horse and start running by tapping the A button then hold on the ZL trigger and hold the ZR trigger don’t let it go. You will need to press the jump button and let it go quickly and hit the dash button again while holding the ZL and ZR Trigger.

If you time it perfectly you will be able to keep going without your horse ever running out of stamina, however, it will require some practice.

In releated news, One player has managed to collect all 900 of the Korok seeds in Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild and turns out there is also a reward to collect all of them.

Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild in an open-world action adventure game developed by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.