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Battlefield 1’s Latest Update May Have Killed Middle East Servers

Update: Servers are up and running but not showing up in certain sections of the Middle East.

Original StoryBattlefield 1’s latest update rolled out earlier with over 5GB of data and it gave us premium members access to “They Shall Not Pass.” The content and improvements are promising but with the new update, it looks like DICE may have done something that would cause plenty of frustration in the Middle East.

After the update, we are unable to access Middle Eastern servers and can’t see them anywhere. Even through a manual search one is unable to locate a middle eastern server. The patch notes don’t mention any changes nor is there an official announcement for killing the middle eastern servers.

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It could be a bug introduced by the new update but it won’t be surprising to know DICE has killed middle eastern servers. Player count was low and was becoming increasing difficult to find a game.

We are trying to get in touch with DICE to figure out what’s going on. We hope this is nothing but a bug introduced by the latest update, otherwise, Middle Eastern player would have to go back playing a lagging mess.

We will have more for you as soon as there is more to share.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The latest “They Shall Not Pass” DLC is available to premium pass members.

Are you having problems accessing Middle East servers after Battlefield 1’s latest update? Let us know in the comments below.