Reports Claim AMD Ryzen Crashes With Specific Chain Of FMA3 Instructions

Whenever some new hardware comes out there is bound to be something wrong with it. It is no longer a surprise as we have seen this in the past as well. AMD Ryzen is no exception to this case. We have already learned that there is an issue with AMD Ryzen and the Windows 10 scheduler. This is one problem that we know of amongst others.

New reports claim that the AMD Ryzen CPUs crash with a specific chain of FMA3 instructions in Flops version 2. This is something odd as this is a fairly simple and common benchmark.

It is important to note here that the crash occurs when using Haswell optimized binaries but you need to also remember that even though these binaries are optimized for specific architectures, the benchmark should work fine with a modern x86 CPU. And that is not so in this case.

While this might not be an issue for the everyday user I can see this becoming an issue when used in enterprise servers as someone could access the server and crash it using this method. This is bad news for AMD Ryzen and could pose a security threat.

AMD Ryzen

Usually, this can be fixed with a small workaround and seeing how this crash only happens when using Haswell optimized binaries it is more than likely that the workaround will not cause much of a performance decrease.

Seeing how Ryzen is new in the market this should not come as a surprise. Something will go wrong with new tech. It is a good thing that this issue has been found early, now AMD can work on fixing the problem before too many people are affected.

Let us know what you think about AMD Ryzen and whether or not you are considering buying one of these CPUs.