Valve Releases Brand New Counter-Strike Canals Map

A new map called Canals was announced earlier today by Valve, catching the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community completely by surprise.

The historic city of Italy is facing a threat from an international group of terrorists known as the Phoenix. To curb their evil intentions and safeguard the people, a highly trained group of operatives from SEAL Team Six has been deployed.

According to Valve, every portion of the map is based on real-world environments “that give each area its own architectural style as well as gameplay, and produce an unconventional layout.”

The side of Counter-Terrorists is deployed in a large, wide area while the Terrorists get access multiple routes to each of the two bomb sites. In addition to ranged combat, Canals also offers close-quarter combat scenarios. As such, Terrorists might find it incredibly useful to pack Shotguns for certain enclosed areas.

In terms of visual fidelity, Canals is a lot more colorful compared to other maps. According to Valve, the new approach is based on feedback from the community and will continue to listen if there are improvements to be made to the map in the future.

The new update also adds a visual upgrade to the Phoenix Terrorists player-model, similar to how Counter-Strike: Global Offensive previously received improved SAS Counter-Terrorist models. The developer notes that “the adjustments are focused on preserving character legibility and improving overall visual fidelity.”

Finally, there is the Spectrum Case, which contains another 17 different weapon skins for players to earn. All of the new cosmetic upgrades have been designed by the community. In the Spectrum Case, the rare special item will be the second generation of knives in Chroma finishes.

Besides the new map and weapon case, today’s update once again brings another round of changes and tweaks. Nuke has gone through slight environmental changes, as well as Cobblestone and Italy. You can read through the complete patch notes here.