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Halo Wars 2 Transcription Feature Could Come in Handy

Halo wars 2 is an amazing experience. It has all the right things to make it an awesome real time stratergy game and above all Microsoft has just released the most unique and efficient chat transcription system.

What is chat transcription you say? It converts you speech into text and your text into speech. What good is it you ask?

Have you ever wondered what your comments will sound like if they were spoken out loud? Or have you ever grown tired of writing those endless comments while playing your favorite Halo wars 2? Well then Microsoft has just released a new feature called the game chat transcription that will allow you to convert your sound into text and your text into sound.

Now you can chant about your victory and taunt your enemies. Pass out those commands like a real leader and call your team mates for support.

Your voice will convey the importance of your situation and give new meaning to teamWork. I am out of ammo, give me some back up, i am going in and man down…!!! man down….!!!. These are some of the iconic lines every gamer says out loud or atleast wants to but now you can !!!

Give your words a voice or if your are a quiet type of person; convert your voice into words because no one has the time to type while playing. Am i right? Try out Halo Wars 2 chat transcription feature and say what you mean and mean what you say.

To Access this feature go to Settings, All settings, Ease of Access, Game Chat Transcription. You can apparently select the voice you would like your text to represent.

So select the voice you like and test this new feature and give your gameplay a completely different experience. Currently this feature is available for Halo Wars 2 only but Microsoft plans to apply it to more games in the future.