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Titanfall 2 Gauntlet Time Trial Completed In 27 Seconds By One Player

Titanfall 2 might not have been as successful as Battlefield 1 or Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, but it still has a dedicated community.

If you have played the singleplayer campaign of Titanfall 2 then you might be familiar with “The Gauntlet” time trial course. Completionists undoubtedly have spent hours trying to complete it under 33.65 seconds in order to achieve the “Become a Master” Trophy.

However, one player has managed to complete the “The Gauntlet” time trial course in 27 seconds, a feat that no other player has achieved. Youtuber Thoreaufare is the one to complete it in 27 seconds and as a proof check out the video below.

Titanfall 2 was praised by the critics for its multiplayer and singleplayer, however, financially it is another story. During a recent earning’s call, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that the Titanfall 2 sales were less than what the company was expecting. However, he did not share any specific sales number for the title.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson added that the company has a very good relation with the game’s developer Respawn Entertainment and said that EA anticipates that Titanfall 2 will sell for a long time due to its high quality.

According to industry analyst, Michael Pachter, Titanfall 2 sales suffered due to Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. He explained things could have been handled far better if EA had just moved the game to another release slot instead of sandwiching it between two FPS juggernauts.

He also said that he is not sure why EA did that but thinks that EA wanted Titanfall to sell pretty well and it might have if they had launched the game in February.

Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.