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Street Fighter V Balance Update Announced, Buffs Weak Characters

At the end of next month, Street Fighter V will finally receive its long awaited balance update for the ongoing second season.

Posting on the official Capcom Unity blog, the developer explained that it has been analyzing match data for the past few months to see how characters are faring since the last major update. Capcom is fairly content with how most of the roster is currently placed in the game. However, some further adjustments need to be made to ensure a more level playing field.

“We should see a lot more variety as players will be able to specialize in the characters they feel are fun, while also feeling empowered,” said Capcom. “Expect matches to be a bit more challenging as the balance between the cast will become that much tighter.”

V-Reversal input delay on crouching block has been shortened by 1F.

Throw Escape
It is no longer possible to escape throws while inputting up during the throw escape.

Hold Frames for Charge Moves
The number of frames necessary to complete a charge has been increased from 6F to 10F.

Invincible “Shoryuken” Attacks
Shoryuken type attacks have seen a change across the board. The changes are as follows below and affect Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Cammy, and Juri.

  • L Shoryuken attacks – maintain throw invincibility
  • M Shoryuken attacks – added airborne invincibility
  • H Shoryuken attacks – added attack and projectile invincibility

The changes to Shoryuken attacks are a major highlight of the upcoming Street Fighter V balance update. The attack will need to be properly timed and executed, but in return it will grant a higher reward against risk. On the other hand, the opponent must be cautious when trying to trade with jump-in attacks.

Ryu, specially, was gutted in the first patch leading into the second season. Most recently, legendary player Daigo “The Beast” Umehara was reported to have finally given up on the wandering warrior after losing multiple titles in the Street Fighter V competitive circuits. Hopefully, the upcoming changes will breathe new life in the character and we’ll see Ryu back as a staple pick in tournaments.

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