Rainbow Six Siege Refunds Year 1 Skins, Offers Free Universal Skin

Ubisoft has finally updated the Rainbow Six Siege community over a “miscommunication” that affected weapon skins bought by players last year.

The last couple of seasons of Year 1 featured several weapon skins that apparently carried certain restrictions. Those who purchased the skins were disappointed to know afterwards that they could not be equipped on new weapons featured in the game’s Year 2.

Ubisoft could have clarified the aspect last year but vague wording in the description led everyone to believe otherwise.

“The wording for the Year 1 Season 3 and 4 signature weapon skins was not entirely clear and created the perception that they were intended on being universal for future Seasons,” explained Ubisoft on the official forums. “This is not the original design intention.”

The developer added that in its efforts to “create new and immersive cosmetic gear,” resources have to be managed in a different manner which limits Ubisoft from fitting older skins on new and upcoming weapons.

As a result, those interested can request a refund from Ubisoft for either Renown or R6 credits, depending on how you purchased the skins. The offer is available for Rainbow Six Siege on all three platforms.

In addition, the developer is giving away a free Blue Nebula Universal weapon skin for all players who owned signature weapon skins from season three and four. Those who bought the weapon skins during the game’s season five will receive the free weapon skin at a later date.

Here are the skins being refunded:

Season 3

  • Amazônia
  • Azulejos
  • Piranha
  • Skull Rain

Season 4


Rainbow Six Siege recently received its Mid-Season Reinforcements update, featuring a new Elite Skin for Twitch and a thermal scope for Glaz.