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Nier Automata Walkthrough – Forest Zone, How To Defeat A2 Boss

After completing the Into the Depths section of Nier Automata, players will need to return to the City Ruins via their shortcut from the Machine Village to proceed further into the game and complete the Forest Zone. Nier Automata Forest Zone walkthrough will lead players through the new map section and help them collect useful loot in the process.

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Nier Automata Forest Zone Walkthrough

Once players are in the City Ruins, their quest marker will be to the north and players will have to cross a bridge. However, players can also jump down the bridge into oblivion, making sure that they actually glide their way down until they land on solid surface to the west side. A loot chest with a Phoenix Dagger will be waiting for them if they choose to jump.

To the east will be another large area that connects to more smaller areas and a chest that contains Impact Bracer. Proceeding from here, players will encounter multiple Medium Bipeds, a chest with Skill Salve and an elevator that can take them up. After reaching the top through the elevator, players need to start climbing the waterfall. They might need to run, double jump, glide and then dash mid air in order to get across.

Once players finally make it back to the top, they can simply cross the bridge and enter the next part of the map, inside a shopping center. Moving towards the center of this area, players will be attacked by Medium Bipeds. Upon defeating them, a small cutscene will appear.

If players go upstairs after the cutscene, they can find a loot chest to the north containing Animal Bait. After picking it up, players can go through the gate where the quest marker is and see the intro cinematic of the Forest Zone.

This new zone is filled with Small Bipeds with lances and a new enemy type, Medium Quadruped. Players will be attacked by both these types pretty much as soon as they enter the forest. Proceeding further down the north path and going north from the fork, players will come up on some Small Stubbies next to an Access Point. After defeating them and using the Access Point, players can go east from here and loot a chest containing Amber behind some bushes.

The quest marker to the north will require players to jump over a large tree blocking their path. Crossing the tree will put players near a shack with some Moose around it and a Small Biped guarding them. If players spare the Biped’s animals, the rewards them with Animal Bait, 5000G and 1150 EXP. Returning back to the main path, players will reach a waterfall with multiple enemies and Apologetic Machine behind the waterfall, guarding an elevator.

Following the path, players will come up on some broken pillars. They can be used as stepping stones to jump on to the arch which will allow players to see another arch in the distance. There will a couple of pillars in between these arches and players will need to dash mid air as they make their way across, using the pillars as stepping stones. After making their way to the third arch in a similar fashion, players will be able to open up a loot chest which contains the Cypress Stick weapon. Players will also have to fight a Goliath Biped on the third arch.

Once the biped has been defeated, players can take the lower path across the cliff to reach an Access Point and save their game. From there, players can jump down to enter the castle which starts a sidescrolling section of the game.

Proceeding through the castle, players will encounter various enemies including a large Linked-Sphere type until players eventually reach the boss, A2.

A2 Boss Fight
A2 is a YoRHa type boss so players should already have some idea of their moveset. She is level 22 and wields a Large Sword and a Small Sword, however most of her attacks are based around the large weapon.

Throughout the fight, A2 will use her Horizontal Sweep attack, disappearing from the screen and swiftly moving across the bottom of the screen dealing massive damage if she hits the player. Whenever she disappears, players should get ready to jump and dodge her sweep attack. She also has a Vertical Sweep attack in which the camera pans out so players know when to dodge.

Her Crescent Attack utilizes her Large Sword in a semi-circle motion. Since this attack has a pretty big range, players should dodge towards A2 whenever she uses this attack instead of dodging away. Besides these three moves, her combat abilities  are pretty the same as 2B since they are very much alike.

Once A2 has been defeated, players can jump down making sure to glide to avoid damage and then complete the mission, which will grant them “The Mechanical Kingdom” trophy.

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