Netcode and Hit Registry Improvements Confirmed for Battlefield 1 Spring Update

Last month, DICE promised that it would be introducing several improvements for hit detection in Battlefield 1 as well as for the overall netcode.

Update 1.07, released earlier this week to accompany the launch of They Shall Not Pass, partially fulfilled that promise. According to the developer, the hit registry system of Battlefield 1 was updated with the new expansion pack for and against players with high pings.

The community should feel a noticeable difference in the game, which should suffice until the next major patch. DICE has confirmed that “a lot of” improvements are inbound for both the overall netcode and hit registration mechanics of Battlefield 1.

“The next patch after XP1 will then also contain the server side hit detection for high pingers,” wrote DICE on the official forums. “This should be the end of hit around corners…fingers crossed.”

As in any online multiplayer first-person shooter, some players take advantage of their high pings and jittery movements to take down targets. The developer wants to curb this aspect from Battlefield 1. The most easiest option would be for servers to automatically kick such players. However, that would work only for PC and not consoles.

“It would take me less than a minute to implement kicking based on packet loss/jitter etc,” added DICE. “However, you run into TRC issues when kicking players based on a connection quality Sony still considers as good. For PC that could go, for consoles….not so much.”

At present, the developer is strongly considering a “ping cap” to servers to stop players with high pings from joining. This would mean that anyone with, say, a ping of around 300 ms will have to say goodbye to Battlefield 1. Either that or hope to find a server without any cap. On that note, DICE is more interested in making high ping players appear as easy targets than lagging players with advantage over others.

All the major connection and netcode improvements for Battlefield 1 are penned to arrive with the the Spring Update.