Galio’s Updated Lore Possibly Most Heart-Rending in League of Legends

The vast pool of champions in League of Legends has its fair share of emotional backstories that comprise betrayal, loss, curses, and more. The updated lore of Galio, as part of his extensive rework, is possibly one of the most heart-rending tales in the game.

Earlier today, Riot Games published the champion’s backstory to reveal how the behemoth stone statue yearns for peril in order to taste a brief moment of freedom.

Galio was created by Demacia for the sole purpose of defending the nation against sorcerers and mages. Wheeled around by cattle and soldiers, Galio comes to life only when there is a threat of magic and goes back to sleep once the threat has been eliminated from the battlefield.

At least that is what appears from the outside.

Galio is an intelligent sentient being, meaning that he is still alive when in stasis. While his thoughts are free, his body is trapped within the stone cage unless magic allows him to walk again.

Throughout the generations, he is cursed with immortality to watch his friends and people get killed in tragic wars. Every time a threat approaches, Galio wishes that there is magic involved so that he can come to life to not only taste fleeting freedom but save his people.

No one from the four corners of the kingdom would have believed that the colossus continued to see all that transpired around him. Even while immobile, he maintained his consciousness, longing to experience the visceral sensation of battle once again. Punching enemies with giant stone fists was thrilling, but being trapped in a gargantuan stone body, unable to move, was tragic.

A battle quoted in his lore reveals that the last time Galio was able to move was over a hundred years ago. When Demacia marched against the Freljordian barbarians, a mage repelled the attack by shooting bolts of magic. His appearance finally allowed Galio to jump to the aid of his Demacian allies.

However, as soon as the mage was dealt with, Galio’s limbs began to stiffen immediately, restricting his movements and binding him to his stone prison for yet another hundred or so years.

It is a tragic endless cycle, raising the question of what happens to Galio if the world is rid of mages or magical warfare? Would the stone golem be doomed to remain alive but in stasis for all time? As intelligent as he is, Galio probably ponders on the same aspect.

Let us hope that the League of Legends writers pen a wandering sorcerer who can help Galio escape his eternal torment.