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Esports Will Help Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Grow, Says Capcom

Capcom is walking the same road for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite that it did for Street Fighter V, tying the upcoming brawler with competitive environments.

Speaking recently with GamesIndustry, chief operating office Stuart Turner pointed out how it is a challenge for any publisher to bring new people into fighting games. As such, directing Marvel vs Capcom to the esports crowd will help bring the game to a wider audience.

The added exposure that eSports now brings will hopefully see growth for the fighting genre over the coming years. Fighting games as a spectator event has huge potential, the games are short, it’s simple to grasp, the competitors are highly skilled personalities and tournament upsets aren’t unusual. It’s why we’ve had broadcasters picking up tournaments both for traditional TV transmission and online streaming across the globe.

He further added with confidence that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is a perfect fit for the those who love to play on a competitive level. This is because the upcoming fighting game features simplistic controls and is “far more” technically easier to pick up and play as compared to other brawlers.

In addition, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite boasts some of the most memorable and best known characters from the Marvel Universe. The huge appeal will prove to be a great factor in approaching the younger audience that has never before played a fighting game.

It is no secret that Capcom fell short of hitting its mark with Street Fighter V when it launched the game last year with a keen focus on esports. Street Fighter V took over nine months to just reach 1.5 million in sales, an underwhelming figure when you take into account that it is the most recognized fighting game franchise in the world.

In its efforts to reach out to professional players, the developer released Street Fighter V as a half-baked product, deprived of content and key features. Capcom has been called out by the community multiple times. Though, it has released multiple updates over the past months to amend the situation.

As far as fans are concerned, they will be troubled to know that Capcom has not given up in its focus on esports. There is no problem with the notion as long as it is handled correctly. Professional players make a small bunch of the total player-base. A developer should always make sure to keep the casual side in all of its decisions.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is expected to release in the “latter half of 2017” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.